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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Orange County Home Didn’t Sell


Selling a home is something most people seldom do.  Since it typically takes some effort and a little inconvenience to accomplish, most people who decide to sell their homes have a reason to do so that outweighs the reasons not to sell.  So, if after making the effort the house didn’t sell, this can be very frustrating.  Here’s a list of the top 10 reasons a home doesn’t sell in Orange County.  They are arranged in order of importance with number 10 being the most important.   

1. Hard to show - the hours the home is available to show are limited or there is no lockbox.

2. Out-dated; Flooring, colors, appliances, bathrooms are out of style or out-dated.

3. Pet issues - if you have a dog or cat that’s a member of the family, you may not notice it, but there may be pet odors in your home.  Carpets and upholstery need to be cleaned. 

4. No curb appeal - look at your home from the street with the eyes of a prospective buyer.  Is the shrubbery overgrown?  Does the paint look tired? 

5. No internet appeal.  Are there lots of photos on the internet or only a few?  Do the photos show your home off to its best?  Are there good descriptions of all your home’s features?

6. Clutter, clutter everywhere.  The way we live and the way we live when selling a home are two very different things.

7. You are there.   If you are in the home while it’s being shown, this can make prospective buyers feel uncomfortable.  Give them a chance to see the home without you in it.  Buyers need to be able to see themselves in living in the home.  It’s hard to do when you are there.

8. Location - For example, if your home backs to a busy street or has power lines nearby, this can be a detractor.  The things that may not seem important to you, may be negative factors to buyers.

9. The agent you choose or sellers trying to do it themselves - Whether you choose to use the services of an agent or not, marketing is critical.  Today’s market demands strategic marketing.  The internet is key in getting a home sold. Home staging is a must, excellent photos and lots of them and good descriptions will attract buyers.  At the home you need good quality color flyers, a sign in the front yard and having the home ready for prospective buyers.  Getting people to come to your home requires high internet visibility - your home on at least 20 internet sites. When you interview an agent to market your home, ask them to show you their marketing plan and examples of their marketing for the last 3 homes they have listed and sold.  If their marketing doesn’t appeal to you…interview another agent.

10. Overpriced - There were other homes at the same price that were in better condition, had a better location, offered more updated amenities, more square footage, more bedrooms, more bathrooms, more curb appeal, or nicer landscaping.  This is the number one reason homes do not sell.  The worst home, in the worst neighborhood will sell if it’s priced right.  Price can overcome all other possible objections.  If everything that can be corrected has been done…sharpen your pencil and take another pass on setting the price.

The good news is that all 10 of the above can be overcome. 

If you’d like to know the secrets to successfully selling your home, I’m here to help.


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